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This Is a Big Deal

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Baptist Governor Nathan Deal decided to not sign Religious Freedom Protection Bill HB 757. Even King Belshazzar could read this handwriting on this wall.

Prior to Obergefell v. Hodges, homosexuals promised that they simply wanted equality and they would never overrun our religious liberties and force us to officiate a gay wedding. Then why did the LGBTQ community respond so aggressively to a bill that simply protected a Christian minister from being forced to marry a gay couple?

The handwriting is clear, “You Christians kept us in the closet for years, now it’s your turn.” The patriarchs of tolerance are being anything but. Expect your pastor to be confronted by this issue soon. Very soon.

But all of this begs a question, how could a good ol’ Baptist from Georgia not sign a bill that would protect Christians from violating their consciences? The devil is found in the definition of the word, “Baptist.”

Governor Deal attends a “welcoming” Baptist church in Gainesville, Georgia whose website proudly proclaims, “Our mission is that of Christ's: inclusive of all…” You don’t’ need to work for the CIA to interpret that code language.

First Baptist Gainesville has a faith statement that would make Jim Wallis proud. “Our mission is that of Christ's: inclusive of all, redemptive in message, gracious in approach, loving in spirit. We believe it is as important to feed the hungry and care for "the least of these" as it is to seek to bring people into the life of faith.” Barack Obama could “Amen” that statement.

Their lead pastor (a male) made his view of homosexuality clear when he wrote, “We cannot love our neighbor and treat him or her as a second-class citizen at the same time.” It is unclear where the female pastors of First Baptist Church stand.

We should not be surprised that another politician has disappointed us. Our hope is in the Gospel, not a member of an apostate Baptist church.

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