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Voting for Evil

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While we have often had to plug our noses while doing so, Evangelicals have generally accepted the principle of voting for the lesser of two evils. That principle is being challenged by several high profile Evangelical leaders who suggest that both potential candidates (Trump and Clinton or Sanders) are so evil, a Christian cannot vote for either one.

There are two arguments offered by the adherers of this new perspective:

1. If you vote for someone who is generally accepted as being evil, then your vote is an endorsement of their wicked worldview.

While a Christian ought to be vigilant to never endorse evil, does anyone really believe that a vote for one of two lousy candidates is a wholehearted embrace of their worldview? If our culture did hold that opinion, then I would agree. But we don’t, so I don’t.

2. If you vote for a candidate that you know is going to make some evil decisions, then you are literally participating in their evil deeds.

Again, Christians never want to participate in evil, but is that what we are doing when we vote for a bum? Perhaps this analogy resolves the issue: if a CEO is found guilty of embezzlement, does anybody think that his employees were participating in his illegal activity? No, because they are not. Nor are we when we vote for a disaster of a candidate.

While we may feel less then energized to vote this fall, permit me to make a Biblical case for your participation in the electoral process.

1. Even if our choices are less than stellar, by voting for the lesser of two evils we are loving our neighbor (Matthew 12:31). I am quite certain that the people who are spared from the decisions of the more evil candidate are grateful that we helped spare them some pain.

2. Voting is a stewardship issue on two levels: we want to take advantage of an amazing gift from God, the right to vote. Furthermore, we are acting as good stewards by voting for the lesser of two evils because the world would be slightly better off than if the greater of two evils was in power.

While we should not insist that a person violate his or her conscience, it seems to me that the new perspective on voting should not dissuade us from taking advantage of our hard-earned right to vote. Even if our candidate is a stinker.

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