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Why the World is Not Nuts about You

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Sentimental love flows from the polluted well of postmodernism. Sentimental love is the offspring of moral relativism, which denies absolute truth. Sentimental love is not based on fact or truth, but on emotions.

What does sentimental love look like?

- You can’t make a woman keep a baby if she doesn’t want it.

- You can’t deny two men the joy of marriage if it makes them happy.

- You can believe whatever you want to as long as you believe it is true.

- Women should have equal rights, therefore, they should be allowed to go into military combat.

- If pot makes people happy, then we should legalize it.

- Boy Scouts should allow gay leaders and scouts as long as they qualify.

While the world continues to define love predominantly as “sentimentality,” Christians are commanded to show agape love to both Christian and heathen alike. Agape love is one of the four types of love described in the Bible.

Eros love: sensual, romantic love.

Philial love: brotherly love.

Storge love: familial love.

Agape love: self-sacrificing love.

Here is the rub; sentimental love is purely emotional, while agape love is based on what is true, right and good. In the world’s mind, sentimental love always trumps agape love. That is why your love for the world is so often received as hatred.

Tell a woman that abortion is murder and you are waging war against her.

Tell two men that gay sex is bad for them and you are intolerant.

Tell women that combat is a man’s job and you are labeled a Neanderthal. Restrict gay Scouts and you are a religious zeaolot.

As the world continues to grow increasingly sentimental, we must continue to genuinely love them by telling them the truth. Even if they hate us for it.

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