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Condoms in California

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In case you haven't heard, Measure B passed in my hometown of Los Angeles county this past election day, and by a pretty big margin of 56-44.

The voters have spoken, LA. And now porn actors have to use condoms.

The people who produce porn aren't all that happy with this new law, because it means extra expense, extra regulations, and lower sales (apparently condom porn doesn't sell as well as the regular kind). These producers like to say they're worried about the economic impact on the city of Los Angeles as productions move out of the county to get around the new law (get ready Vegas -- porn producers are heading to your town now).

Me? I'm worried about my friends in the industry. I've spent the last ten years, along with other volunteers and staff at XXXChurch, forming relationships with many different porn actors and other people who make their living by making pornography. We on our team care deeply about these people, because they are just that: people.

Pornography by its nature is intended to be used for selfish purposes, so when consumers of pornography use it, they aren't looking for people on the screen; they only see body parts and movement. But those body parts are attached to a human being, a living person with dreams and ambitions, who deals with frustrations and failures.

While I appreciate the county’s efforts to keep porn actors safe and healthy, I can’t help but think about another danger associated with this profession: the degradation of the soul.

Porn sucks. It sucks the life out of both the people who use it and the people who make it. The non-stop exposure, the countless partners, the horrific and degrading acts that our culture now lusts to view… it takes it toll on an actor’s soul.

No condom will prevent that.

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